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    1. The HEPP-QN has a shared national purpose focused on the achievement of good student outcomes.
    2. The HEPP-QN remains relevant and grounded through actively seeking to interface with TEQSA and with the stronghold of experts who service our network.
    3. The HEP-QN is relational, believing that achieving together is in everyone’s best interest.
    4. The HEPP-QN remains radically open and trusting.
    5. The HEP-QN welcomes collaboration, regarding debate, uncertainty, flexibility, agility and responsiveness as our core strengths.

    In April 2015 the HEPP-QN was born on one of the windiest and stormiest day recorded in Sydney’s history. No one then believed we could create from that storm the organised, collaborative hub we call the HEPP-QN.

    Today it is home to a range of independent higher education institutions who are passionate about investing in a collaborative national agenda for quality. The HEPP-QN’s unique value proposition is connectedness - doing quality can be purposeful and dynamic if we lend our shoulders to each other - hence our motto: Achieving Together!

    As we look back over the 5 years we have been in service, we can catalogue a series of achievements. In July 2020, we ran the Online Discussion Forum with TEQSA which featured 120 participants with 27 CEOs in attendance. Click here for the outcomes of this event.

    In the 5 years since its inception, the HEPP-QN delivered on several projects: Academic Integrity, Grade Distribution, an Academic Leadership Pilot Study, Sexual Assault & Harassment, Learning Outcomes Workshop, Scholarship Workshop, ACODE, Articulation Agreements Workshop, COVID-19 Cluster Groups and covered a range of issues through its 10 National Forums. It provided a Response to the Provider Category Standards and a Response to TEQSA’s White Paper on Scholarship. The HEPP-QN also developed the Academic Leadership Statement & Charter cited in TEQSA’s Guidance Notes. The HEPP-QN conducted the first national SASH study for the Australian independent higher education sector. 

    Several of our member institutions have also proudly scaled up into the provider categories – with 4 self-accrediting institutions and one university college.

    Goodwill and moral purpose defines our vision, and collaborative purpose is our work-ethic!

    In this shared space, it feels like we are breathing together!

    We respect and trust regulation and value the role of TEQSA. 

    Thank you for your support.

    Professor Jane Fernandez
    Adjunct Professor and Founding Convenor HEPP-QN [Avondale University]

    currently Provost, Excelsia College

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    Member Institutions
    Academies Australasia Polytechnic   Academy of Design Australia Academy of Music & Performing Arts  Adelaide Central School of Art 
    Adelaide College of Divinity  AIM Business School  Alphacrucis University College    Asia Pacific International College 
    Australasian College of Health and Wellness Australian College of Christian Studies 
    Australian College of Nursing
    Australian College of Physical Education
    Australian College of Theology
    Australian Guild of Music Education 
    Australian Institute of Business
    Avondale University
    (Lead Institution)
     Australian Institute of Higher Education  Australian Institute of Music   Bond University  Campion College Australia 
    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
    Christian Heritage College  CIC Higher Education  Collarts 
     Crown Institute of Higher Education Eastern College Australia  Edith Cowan College
    Elite Education Institute 
    Endeavour College 
    EQUALS International
    Excelsia College
    Griffith College
    Holmes Institute
    Ikon Institute of Australia
    Institute of Health & Management
    International College of Management Sydney
    International Institute of Business and Technology
    JMC Academy
    Kent Institute
    King's Own Institute
    LCI Education Network
    Le Cordon Bleu Australia
    Macleay College
    Melbourne Institute of Technology
    Moore Theological College
    Morling College
    Nan Tien Institute of Higher Education
    National Academy of Professional Studies
    Ozford Institute of Higher Education
    Photography Studies College
    Polytechnic Institute Australia
    Russo Business School
    Sheridan Institute of Higher Education
    SP Jain School of Global Management
    Stanley College
    Sydney College of Divinity
    Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce
    The Institute of International Studies
    Top Education
    Torrens University Australia
    Universal Business School Sydney
    Universal Higher Education
    University of Canberra College
    University of Divinity
    The University of Notre Dame
    Victorian Institute of Technology
    Waratah Institute
    Western Sydney University International College

    Feedback from Participants of November 2020 National Forum

    TEQSA session was excellent to present questions and discuss issues openly with TEQSA

    Irene’s session on SASH: slides were helpful to see HEPP-QN members’ progress, and a ‘close the loop’ on our SASH survey with respect to a measurement of effectiveness of our SASH survey and response (but still more to do, so we move onto the next ‘loop)

    Would be good to have a working group on SASH, and have pre-reading of other institutions’ policies:  sometimes we’re only getting snippets in the sessions themselves

    Michael Tomlinson’s session as ‘on the other side’ was great

    Working groups

    Sharing more of the concrete information with each other in small groups

    Grade distribution – good to see root cause why distributions are shifted into patterns, and impact of COVID

    The survey on mental wellbeing – something concrete to take back and show we have more work to  do

    Academic Leadership helpful as I am new in the role, so lots to take on / help me improve; would like more workshops on developing leadership

    PD sessions so we can provide to our staff, leverage out scale of economy because this is a large group; PD sessions for our staff

    Michael Tomlinson’s session – due diligence in partnerships (very helpful as we are moving in that direction). I’d like to watch it again / share with my team

    Reflections of international students – key points from them

    Nice to see projects coming together eg Stephen and Andy and overarching work, and the Scholarship work coming together

    My first one!  Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    List of participants would be good if possible – we couldn’t work out who was who

    For those who didn’t make it for whatever reason, sharing presentations and recordings will be good

    Student feedback on wellbeing – their feedback and suggestions was excellent.

    It was good overall to meet others from other organisations and share

    We showed we can run these things online – we could consider doing this ongoing especially given some institutions can’t afford accommodation / flights etc

    It’s good to share and also have a mirror so you can reflect on your institution and own experience.

    Thank you for your collegiality.

    Thank you – it was excellent

    Appreciate the network – one of my favourites; miss everyone.  It’s well-put together

    Having TEQSA in many sessions, and Michael Tomlinson

    Diverse range of topics was useful and stimulating

    I always come away with more work – is this a good thing?

    Congratulations on a great forum.

    Substantive outcomes of the projects, Academic Leadership, Scholarship and Grade Distribution

    Hope we can have face-to-face meeting a year and maybe one online?

    We are able to take ideas and put in melting pot to emerge into new chameleon model and take on different ideas and shapes in the different institutions.